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Press Release

The Danish Death Metal band URKRAFT has restored itself following a decade devoted to other musical projects

While playing the first gigs the release of the new album Our Treacherous Fathers is prepared. This album combines youthful madness and rage with the bitter wisdom of grown men.

URKRAFT was formed in 1995 as one of the first bands in the Danish Metal scene displaying a ”New Nordic” expression with lyrics in their Danish mother tongue revolving around the mystery of time and the evolution of man. Originating from these musical roots the debut album Eternal Cosmic Slaughter was released in 2004 and in 2006 The Inhuman Aberration was released by the groundbreaking British label Earache Records.

URKRAFT performed on volcanoes under the midnight Sun in Iceland and supported the great Cannibal Corpse in the proud capitals as well as dark corners of continental Europe. After the recording of their finest piece equipped with the prophetic title A Scornful Death URKRAFT was put to an uneasy sleep.

The Germanic term ”Urkraft” translates into ”primordial force” and thus the bands name refers to those powers that ultimately represent the dark matter that binds the universe together and lays the foundation for our religions, our wars and our unsettling visions.

URKRAFT is once again an active and recording band with the purpose of connecting past and present – in concert as well as on album. Following the release of Our Treacherous Fathers the track ”Håbets tyranni” –obviously featuring Danish lyrics – will have to stand its test performed for an audience alongside the rest of the primordial Death Metal hymns in the URKRAFT catalogue.

Our Treacherous Fathers-tracklist:

  1. Place of Coldness
  2. Primordial Diaspora
  3. Our Treacherous Fathers
  4. Reap It All
  5. Håbets tyranni
  6. The Horrors of an Empty Tomb
  7. Descended Shadows
  8. Crown of Blood
  9. Å
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Eternity's Chamber (Single)

Primordial Diaspora (Single)

Our Treacherous Fathers (Single)


Eternal Cosmic Slaughter (2004)

  1. Blessed Be the Human Beast
  2. Paint the City Black
  3. Soulless
  4. Unleash the Will
  5. Eternal Cosmic Slaughter
  6. At the Border of the Known World
  7. Cannibal Melancholy
  8. Through Your Senses
  9. The Scarlet Burning

Recorded at Antfarm Studio, Aarhus, Denmark, January 2004
Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Tue Madsen

The Inhuman Aberration (2006)

  1. Too Strong for the Strongest Lord
  2. This Great Summer
  3. The Only Gods
  4. The Inhuman Aberration
  5. Open the Gate
  6. Come No Tomorrow
  7. Watch Your Own Eyes
  8. Liberation
  9. Forsaken
  10. The Pressure of Our Jaws
  11. The Razors Edge (AC/DC cover)

A Scornful Death (2008)

  1. The Power to Crucify
  2. Fed to Dogs
  3. The Prophet & The Rose
  4. Ghost08
  5. A Scornful Death
  6. Shrieking of the Mad
  7. The Murderer in all Men
  8. A Miracle Grotesque
  9. Eternity's Chamber

The Urkraft Timeline

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All music, lyrics & rights owned and reserved by Urkraft


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Thomas Birk – Guitars
Mads Bertram Gath – Guitars
Jeppe Tander – Bass
Mikael Skou Jørgensen – Drums
Thomas Vejlgaard Strømvig – Vocals


Martin Hoffmann Larsen

Martin Kleis Sundstrøm

Thomas Ulrik Larsen
Svendborg Trykværksted

Rasmus Hecter
Recording Engineer & Editor

Tue Madsen
Producer, Mix & Master
Antfarm Studios

Morten Grønnegaard
Cover Artwork
Band; Rising

Jesper Bergstedt
@Truerock Video Production
Music videos & various